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Born in the USA - II edizione
Data Saturday 07 June 2014
Orario 14:00 - 00:00
Luogo Lungomare Lido di Fermo
Indirizzo Fermo

Raduno di Harley Davidson ed auto in stile americano anni 60/70. Ore 23:00 Rock’n Roll show Metthew Lee” in concerto. Per info 334 7050463, l'evento è organizzato dal Comitato Vivi LIdo.

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The Tales of Towers

The precarious social-political situation and the consequent administrative shortcoming of the X century led to the populations scattered in ‘vicos’ (villages) gathering together into ‘castra/castella’, which presented themselves as fortified civil structures capable of protecting, from raids and military sieges, those who were not able to look after themselves.

History, culture and wonders

The cultural heritage in the Province of Fermo is one of the richest and most visited in Italy.

Science and Progress

During the IXX and part of the XX century the interest in science and natural history was subjected to a major increase and most likely we should look for the cause in the basics of the philosophical cultural movement which took the name of Positivism.

Places of interest
Ex Collegiata, Centro Storico,
63857 Amandola (FM)
Piazza G. Leopardi n.6,
63838 Belmonte Piceno (FM)
Via Roma, 1
63828 Campofilone (FM)
Piazza della Libertà, 1
63837 Falerone (FM)
Piazza del Popolo, 1
63900 Fermo (FM)

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