Massa Fermana


Municipal Art Gallery

Palazzo Comunale - Via G. Garibaldi,60

Tel.: 0734 760127 Fax: 0734 760258




The small but significant collection is housed in a room at the Town Hall, a 19th-century building. Along with paintings by Vincenzo Pagani, Durante Nobili, Giovanni Andrea De Magistris, two other paintings, a bas-relief in polychrome papier-mâché and sacred ornaments and vestments from the convent of San Francesco complete the collection. In the Boardroom, you can admire a wooden choir of the XV century, partly rebuilt in the last century, while, in the nearby Parish Church of SS. Lorenzo, Silvestro and Ruffino, we find the Polyptych by Carlo Crivelli (1468) and the Madonna with Child and Angels a tempera on wood of Brother Vittore, all of extraordinary interest.

Type: Art


Opening hours:

On weekdays from 8:00 to 13:30

For the afternoons and the festivities it is possible to request the opening of the Art Gallery by phoning the number of the town hall office 0734/760127



The Museum of Ancient Crafts

Via Guerrieri, 15

Tel.: 0734 760108 - Fax: 0734 760258




The pieces on display are kindly lent by Bruno Rastelli, a collector from the Marche, born in 1938, a now retired salesman, of a third generation dynasty of artisans from the footwear industry who confirms his passion for the two wheels. From side-cars to motorbike competitions, he has passed on his passion to his son, and has a collection of historic vehicles of the "antique stuff" as he calls it. At Massa Fermana, his town of residence, with the help of the local municipal administration Rastrelli looks after the museum, which, at present has about 60 bicycles and 150 historic motorcycles. To bear witness to the origins of his family of artisans, is the cobbler's workbench, mounted on one of the bicycles on display, which belonged to his ancestor and dates back to 1895. Over the years the collection has been enriched and in 2011 a new section of the Museum has been opened counting well up to 60 bicycles.

Type: Science and Ethnography and Anthropology technic

Services: Welcome area

Opening hours:

Every day, upon request, phone (0734 760108).

Free admission.




The Museum of the Straw Hat

Palazzo Orologio - Via Guerrieri ,1

Tel.: 0736.760099 - Fax: 0736.760258




The Museum of Massa Fermana is housed on the ground floor of the castle of the Marche’s ancient village and some areas are visible through two large windows, which give onto the facade. We must specify that it is the Museum of the Straw Hat, which has long been a typical produce of the area, so important and refined that once it even used to supply the most famous Florentine market. In the room offered by the Municipality for this laudable initiative, there are exhibits of ancient machinery, types of straw plaits, hats and old photographs. Everything in order to document the ancient craftsmanship of the straw hat that, at one time, was an occupation to which the farmers used to dedicate themselves to, when they were free from their work in the fields. Men and women, especially, would gather to choose suitable stems, would intertwine them and then leave them to the more experienced hands that sewed the braids and made hats from them. It was a job that allowed a small further income to their often meagre means.

Type: Specialized

Opening hours:

Booking necessary by telephoning: 0736/760099

Free Entrance.


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