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The tradition of straw weaving, born in the 18th century as an alternative activity and as recovery of waste material of agricultural produce has, in Montappone, one of its main centres.

From the collection of the straw to the selection, and from this to the braiding and to the sewing, up to the press that gives shape to the hat, all these processing phases are explained step by step by projections, photographs, panels and vintage machinery in perfect running condition that are placed along the entire course of the collection. In the midst of the one hundred and ninety-six centimetres of difference that separates the smallest hat, that of a doll, from the two meters wide eccentric parasol, in the Museum you can find exciting unique pieces like the last hat worn by Federico Fellini, or like the characteristic boater of the early century, along with common hats, for work, for formal wear, bizarre, chic, top hats, bashers, fez, feluccas, broad brimmed, and kepi in a never-ending echo of eras, stories and styles.

Type: Specialised hat museum

Services: Disabled Access

Opening hours:

The hat museum is open, upon request, with free entrance.



Permanent Exhibition of "The Mad Hatter"

Sala Esposizione c/o Scuola dell'Infanzia, Via Roma

Tel.: 333 8258462 (Pro Loco Montappone)




The Mad Hatter is a character in the book "Alice in Wonderland" which has a strange relationship with time. Finally the Hatter broke the silence: "If you knew time as I know him, you would not speak like that". Alice asked, "Do you get on with time?" The Hatter shook his head ruefully: "No, not anymore. We had a quarrel two months ago. Since then time doesn’t listen to me any more". Was it the time that didn’t listen to him any more because he was crazy, or did he become mad because time didn’t listen to him anymore? Perhaps one may think that, for the Mad Hatter, the clock had stopped so he would have time to live his fantasy and have the ability to express himself freely without time constraints. The "Mad Hatter" is the symbolic character representing the desire, hidden in each of us, to break free from the constraints and the time constraints, to express ourselves, as the most extraordinary fantasy would wish. Insanity so extends into genius, in the ability to surprise, exaggerating or transforming the function of an object like the hat, which amongst the items of clothing, better expresses the personality of each of us, transformed into a unique, magical and exciting true work of art. Hats, which are designed and processed with absolute and free creativity, especially made in different materials, come from every period of time, to show the imagination, the creativity and the ability of the "master hatters" of Montappone.

It is like entering into "Wonderland", outside of time like each work of art; an original and unique space in the skills and the creativity of those who always dedicated their best energy to hats of all times for each of one of us.

Inside the exhibition "The Mad Hatter" is exhibited Federico Fellini's favourite hat, donated to the Museum by his family.

On July 27th 2012 the summer opening of the exhibition saw to the addition of new exhibits. The opening took place during the Hat Festival.


Opening hours:

During the whole year it is possible to visit the exhibition by telephoning:

333 8258462 (Pro Loco Montappone).

From July 27th to September 2nd 2012

27 July: 18:00 - 22:00

28-29 July: 10:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 22:00

From 30 July to 2 September: every day 21:00 - 23:00



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