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The museum complex of the town of Montefortino, located in Palazzo Leopardi, a fine example of 16th-century noble table architecture, houses three museums, distributed on the three floors of the building.

On the first floor we find the "Sibillini Avi-fauna Museum" that offers the visitor an important and significant collection of wildlife, bird and endemic species of the Sibillini Mountains: this is a private collection donated to the community by a taxidermist citizen of Montefortino, who proceeded to catalogue the numerous examples of autochthonous animals and the characteristics of local habitat, as well as from other geographical areas.

Montefortino_-_Pinacoteca_Duranti_8On the second floor, or the noble floor is the "F. Duranti" Civic Art Gallery in skillfully frescoed rooms, which brings together priceless works of art, covering a time span that from the Gothic period winds through time right up to the Neoclassical one. The works donated to the town by the townsman Duranti (painter, collector and above all draftsman) are enhanced by very careful ambiance solutions, and include, among others, works of art by Perugino, by Alamanno, as well as an important collection of sketches by Corrado Giaquinto and a room entirely dedicated to still life.

Finally in the garret finally, between the old wooden beams and bare stones of travertine and brick, the Museum of Sacred Art, which includes furnishings and vestments from the Churches of the main town. Valuable examples of wood carvings emerge and among the authors present feature Simone De Magistris, Domenico Malpiedi, Giuseppe Ghezzi.

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