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The San Francesco Cultural Centre is a multipurpose facility that includes an Auditorium, a Historic-Archaeological Museum, a library, an exhibition hall, an environmental education center and a botanical vegetable garden. Reopened to the public on the 23rd of September 2007, the Center offers the possibility to visit the ancient structure of the 12th-century convent, founded by Blessed Lucido and Matteo, who returned to Monterubbiano after the death of St. Francis.

The archaeological museum is divided into four halls: the first (picenum) contains items of pottery and objects of prehistoric use; the second (picenum) preserves metal artifacts, jewelry and weapons; the third is devoted to Roman and late Roman. In Room IV is the collection of coins is set out. The exhibition of the findings follows the chronological – typological criteria. Note the reproduction of the Aso Valley in a scale model, through which the visitor has the possibility of locating all the archaeological finds reported in the different municipal territories of the valley.


Several lithic artifacts in flint, belong to the oldest phase, amongst which, arrowheads can be identified. Also exhibited are the funeral-related findings of the necropolis of Picenean era of Contrada Crocifisso, which can be dated to the 4th century BC. Within the collection, the picenean section stands out, above all for the bronze findings, including the helmet with protomi of Aries, an ‘oinochoe’ and a basin. The presence in the territory during the Roman era is well documented by the many findings from the municipal territory, through which it is possible to emphasize the connection of the Monterubbiano territory with ancient Firmum Picenum colony.

The Museum collection has also been enriched with the numismatic collection of Dr. Stefano Mircoli, donated to the Municipality of Monterubbiano. The collection includes about 500 coins from various eras: from the Roman Republican era to the late Empire one, through the medieval ones, right up to a substantial number of Papal coins.

The Art Gallery is located inside the Council Hall of the municipality. Dating back to the 19th century, it is one of four historical rooms remaining inside the building. The works exhibited are mostly of unknown authors and date back to a period between the 16th and the 19th centuries.


Type: Archaeological natural history and natural sciences

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