International Student Competition on Place Branding and Mediterranean Diet



A student competition is an event between students or a teams of students within a classroom, or across different schools and across geographical regions which compete for a prize. 

Students are the protagonists and education, enjoyment, creativity and skills playing a fundamental role.



The Marca Fermana is the ancient administrative sub-division of central Italy (approx. X century), under the jurisdiction of the town of Fermo. It constituted the original nucleus of the present day Marche region. Today's “Marca Fermana”, which mainly corresponds to the province of Fermo, is an area of extraordinary beauty characterised by deep historical and cultural roots. For further info:



In the last few years, the University of Macerata has carried out several programmes and projects to boost local development. One of these, has been the Urbact “Gastronomic Cities” project:

During the project, through the involvement of students, international scholars and local stakeholders, a local action plan for the promotion and development of this rural area has been created.


What? and Who? 

Now, the most committed and motivated group of stakeholders, the Piceno Lab on Mediterranean Diet, is willing to carry on this collaboration, by hosting an international student competition to:

- allow a real-time advertising and promotion of the territory (through the use of ICT tools);

- let young people discover the enchantment of the region through experiential learning;

- test a new way of collaboration among stakeholders, promoting bottom-up private and public partnerships.


To discover the importance of the cultural value of Mediterranean Diet for this region, please refer to this article: The Mediterranean Diet: an intangible heritage of UNESCO humanity



The student Competition will last about one week, from May 3 (welcome dinner) to May 8.

Students will have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing experience: courses and experiential learning activities will be held in different locations (historical theatres and buildings, wineries, agritourism facilities, etc..) surrounding the Province of Fermo and Macerata, in Marche Region.


Objectives for students

The objectives for international students who will participate to the Student Competition will be: 

- Discovering linkages between gastronomy, events and place branding;

- Understanding the potential of food and gastronomy for sustainable development;

- Developing skills for destination management challenges;

- Understanding the potential of ICT for place branding activities;

- Discovering Italian culture, lifestyle and gastronomy;


How does it work





-Seminars led by academics (theory);

- Field trips in wineries and farms in the Fermano territory;

- Educational tasting sessions and show cooking;

- Meetings and workshops with local public and private stakeholders;

- Folkloristic dinners and events in historical towns and villages.


Specifically, students will focus their work on the potential of ICT (Social/Web) for place branding activities.


Main contents:

- Web based platform for digital story telling and blogging for every student (;

- Hootsuite introduction and platform management for multi channel social management (;

- Social analysis and metrics for #marcafermana and #mediterraneandiet;

- Special social track for short videos and photo slideshows.


Special Guest Lecturers 

Prof. Don Getz - Click here for biography information; 

Prof. Tommy Andersson - Click here for biography information.




Social Links & Tools

The official hashtags for the Student Competition will be #iscfermo, #mediterraneandiet and #destinazionemarche.

We strongly encourage students, lecturers,  and all people involved in the Student Competition to post in multiple social networks using these hashtags.


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