Museo Archeologico Comunale "I Piceni"
Piazza G. Leopardi n.6,
63838 Belmonte Piceno (FM)
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The fermano area is very rich of archaelogical finds among which it is worth to mention those that have been found in the territory of Belmonte Piceno. The necropolis in Colle Ete was discovered between 1909 – 1911 thanks to the excavations made by Silvestro Baglioni and Innocenzo Dall'Osso.

The site has been immediately considered one of great importance for the the ancient Picentes culture, conventionally categorized as Piceno III, IVA and IVB, from the 7th to the 5th century b.C. The finds were moved to the Archaelogical Museum of Ancona.

The museum however underwent a heavy bombing during WWII and the finds were scattered. The museum in Ancona was reopened in 1958 inside Palazzo Ferretti, where it is still today. In 2015 inside the town hall of Belmonte Piceno it has been set up a permanent exhibition of some of the finds discovered in the necropolis of Colle Ete.

Here vintage photographs, and archival documents combined with a contemporary interpretation show the history of the excavations and the finds,such as the inscription in Sabellian or south-Picentes language on a stele. It is the cast already used by Dall'Osso for the Ancona exhibition.

The museum also displays “torques”, large neck rings showing stylized human heads, handles with horsemen drawn on top, Picentes and Greek helmets, bronze Greek and Umbrian vases, bits for horses, brooches with large amber inserts, one nail brush showing fantastic animals, amulets, cuirasses, charms. The exhibition also includes:

- amber and ivory
- Picentes, Greek and Etruscan bronze artefacts
- Belmonte's stele
- tomb finds of pre-roman origin discovered in Belmonte Piceno
- two-horse chariot
- bits and harness for horses
- torques
- brooches
- ceramic vases and terracotta figurines
- reconstruction of grave goods found during the first excavations in Belmonte Piceno

Further informations and reservations: Comune di Belmonte Piceno, Tel. 0734/771100.

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