This dessert is typical of Porto San Giorgio! Usually it is eaten and given as a present around Christmas time, but it is so good that many tourist ask for it all year round, especially in Summer as we are in a seaside location!




5 eggs

100 gr. of '00' flour

50 gr. of potato flour                                    

100 gr. of sugar

50 gr. of butter

Essence of bitter almond                                                          

100 gr. of chopped unshelled almonds                                    

1 small pack of cake yeast                                                         

To decorate and glaze:                                                               

200 gr. of dark chocolate                                                           

50 gr. of chopped almonds        



Beat the eggs, the sugar, the potato flour and the warm melted butter together with all the other ingredients...  cover the plum-cake mould with oven proof paper and fold in the mixture, placing in an oven at 160° for about 20 minutes, do the stick test to check it is baked!

Remove from the oven and let it cool well... meanwhile melt the dark chocolate in a double saucepan...

Invert the dessert and when it is cold, cover it with the chocolate and the chopped almonds on the sides and with a fork decorate the surface...

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