Lu serpe (o lu serpu)

A typical dessert of the Marche Region (especially of the Fermano area) made on the occasion of the Christmas festivities.

From the shape that reminds us of that of a snake, it has a crust on the outside and chocolate filling inside. The product is made in an artisan way and in two versions: the white one and the black one.



Ingredients for the pastry                                         

1kg. of flour

15gr. bicarbonate of soda for desserts                                                

250gr. of cold butter

250gr. of sugar

4 eggs

grated lemon

2 small packets of vanilla

1 pinch of salt

milk enough to obtain a workable paste

the crust must be 1/2 cm


Ingredients for the inside filling                                                             

500gr. of almonds *

500gr. of dark chocolate *

1 packet of pine nuts (kernels)                                               

150gr. of sugar

4ristretto coffee

100gr. of liquor as preferred

a pinch of cinnamon

2 full eggs (if they are big 1 + an egg yolk)

orange and lime candied fruit about 100gr. (optional)

two or three spoons of orange marmalade

* chocolate and almonds to be chopped in the mixer


Ingredients for the glaze:

1 egg white

160gr. icing sugar

a few drops of lemon

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