Fried Tagliatelle

You may wonder which is the typical local dish of Monterubbiano? Many have in vain tried to discover the secret of this delicious recipe, but only here can you taste the true goodness of this dish. Born from the talent of a cook from Monterubbiano, in this dish the homely taste of the tagliatelle bond with those of many other ingredients... including the secret one!




- Tagliatelle

- Béchamel  sauce

- Cream

- Minced meat

- Mozzarella

- Secret ingredients...



- cook the meat in a pan                                            

- add the mozzarella and the béchamel  sauce to the prepared ingredients      

- boil the tagliatelle for half the cooking time

- add to the tagliatelle the mixture previously cooked and lay everything out on a wooden board to allow it all to cool                              

- shape the mixture into ball shapes and pass it through flour, egg and grated bread   

- fry the balls and serve with a meat ragù and lots of parmigiano.

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