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Historical Notes
There is proof that the territory of Altidona was inhabited since Paleolithic times.   During Roman times various villas with sea views could be found like the Barbula one named after a well known Palmense wine producer.  In the Middle Ages the Farfensi monks and the Benedictine ones from Monte Cassino founded churches and castles here.  
In the XII century the scattered settlements were abandoned and the inhabitants gave life to a new castle around the parish of Santa Maria and San Ciriaco which was transferred onto the hill of the present town.   From its origins it is listed as being under Fermo as a second class castle.

Monuments, Churches and Museums
- SS. Maria and Ciriaco, built in 1767, it is possible to admire valuable sacred works of art: behind the main altar is a oil painting on wood (XVI century) by the monterubbianese artist Vincenzo Pagani the panel represents the "Madonna with Child enthroned".  At the foot of the painting you can admire a polyptych of provenance from the Church of Madonna Manù of Lapedona, attributed to Cortese, which represents the Vergin with Child enthroned with at the sides the patron saints of Altidona.
- Church of the Madonna of Misericordia, (XVII century), this is where a statue of the Madonna of Misericordia was kept, a notable example of a XV century polychrome wooden sculpture, at present in the Church of Santa Maria and San Ciriaco.
- Church of Saints Maria and Ciriaco - in the historical center.
- Church of St. Maria of Loreto – at Marina of Altidona.
- Church of the Misericordia – In the antique ‘Borgo’ of the town.
- Church of Manhu’ – In the countryside.

Other attractions worth visiting
- Pedestrian Cycle Track P. Borsellino Promenade,
- Pedestrian Cycle Track delle Ginestre,
- Pedestrian Cycle Track Mare – Lago (Seaside - Lake),
- Pedestrian Cycle Track dei Monti (Mountains),
- Park dei ponti –  Marina di Altidona district,
- Park of the historical centre,
- Gardens of Piazza del Popolo,
- Gardens of Piazza Santa Cecilia,

Banquet Restaurants
- “Il Casale”
- “Il Poggio Verde”
- “Da Fernando”


- Bar Caprice
- Bar del Corso
- Bar La Tentazione
- Bar Il Baricentro
- Bar California
- Bar Gran Forno
- Bar Mille Voglie
- Bar Acli

Local Traditions
Food & Wine:  ‘Sagra’ (= Festival of the town’s specialty) of Polenta with Snails - the 1° weekend in August

Typical products
Vino cotto

Vino cotto

Prodotti tipici - Km 2.274
Maccheroncini di Campofilone

Maccheroncini di Campofilone

Prodotti tipici - Km 3.574
Tagliatelle fritte

Tagliatelle fritte

Prodotti tipici - Km 6.553
Brodetto sangiorgese

Brodetto sangiorgese

Prodotti tipici - Km 8.155


Prodotti tipici - Km 8.155

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