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Historical Notes
In the period from 568 to 570 Amandola was invaded by the Goths and then by the Lombards.  In the year 700 it was incorporated into the Duchy of Spoleto and later divided into the great ‘marches’ of Camerino and Fermo.  The continuous interventions by the Franks and the donations of many lands to the Church on behalf of King Pepino determined the division of the Duchy from Spoleto. In 1249, from the union of the feuds Agello, Castel Leone and Marrubbione, the Municipality of Amandola was constituted, closed within a perimeter wall boundary of 2230 meters with 5 entrances: Agello, S.Giacomo (the only one still in existence nowadays), Marrubbione, S.Antonio and Putei. The public squares were three: the platea Animalium, used for cattle-fairs, the platea Magna, a place where popular assemblies and festivities were held, the platea Vallelonga, the ancient market square.  At the end of the XVI century important agreements were stipulated between Amandola and the surrounding municipalities to define the boundaries.  In 1798 Amandola endured the impact of the Napoleonic forces and, due to a tentative resistance it suffered a ravage which ended in the violation of the sarcophagus of the Beato Antonio.  It was not until 1800 that the French occupation came to an end and the pontificial governance was reestablished.  During the Second World War Angelo Biondi was shot in the main piazza.  In March 1944 the german troops engaged a brief conflict with the partisans that concluded with the shooting of 10 men.

Monuments and Churches
- Abbey of Ss.Vincenzo and Anastasio (XI century, Loc.Abbadia);
- Abbey of Ss.Ruffino and Vitale (XIII century, Loc.San Ruffino);
- Church of St.Agostino, Santuary del Beato Antonio (XIV century, P.zza Risorgimento);
- Church of St.Bernardino and Convent dei Cappuccini (XV century, Colle Marrubbione);
- Church of St.Francesco with attached the cloister and the oratory of Ss.Rosario (XIII century, Piazzale Leopardi);
- Church of St.Maria della Misericordia a piè d’Agello (XV century, Loc.S.Maria);
- Church of St.Pietro and Monastery of St.Lorenzo (XIII century, Agello);
- Church of the HolyTrinity (XIII century, Agello);
- Tower of the Podestà (XIV century, P.zza Umberto I or Piazza Alta)
- Romanic Gothic Bridge on the Tenna river (XV century)

Other attractions worth visiting
National Park of the Sibillin Mountains: The National Park of the Sibillini Mountains was founded in 1993.  In the territory we can find both Monte Vettore, which goes up to 2476 meters and Monte Sibilla, which gives the name to the whole chain.  The magical side is the one which involves all of the Picenum area, from Arquata to Amandola, and it is the territory in which the legends of the Lago di Pilato and of the Sybille live on.

Local Traditions
Typical Activities: Agriculture, Craftsmanship
Food & Wine:  White Pregiato Truffle, Salumi, Honey
Curiosities and anecdotes: According to the legend, Fillide, daughter of Licurgo, King of Sparta, had been given as bride to the handsome Demofonte, who had left for the war in Troy.  The war had ended but Demofonte had not yet come back to his loved one, to whom false news had been sent that her husband, who had fallen in love with another young lady, would not be returning.  Fillide ran away from Greece and on arriving in the Sibillini, in the place of the old Castel Leone, took her life, upon which her body changed into a walnut tree: a great tree but alas with no leaves.  Demofonte returned home, and not finding his loved one, decided to set out on a journey in search of her.  Once he too reached Castel Leone, he found out about Fillide’s tragic end, there was nothing left but for him to embrace the trunk of the walnut tree, which, as though by magic, immediately became full of leaves and buds.  It was from that ancient walnut tree, born on the height of Castel Leone, that Amandola took its name.


Tourist information office:
Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm – 3.30 pm – 7.00 pm. Closed on Sundays
Tel.: 0736 840731
Facebook: Ufficio Turistico Amandola
Tour guides: tel. 335 6070085 - 0736 840731

Municipal recreational vehicle park:
Piazzale Sandro Pertini (next to the sports ground). GPS N 42°58'19'' E 13°21'11'
Fenced fee-paying recreational vehicle park.
Facilities include: AC power connection, street lighting. Distance from city centre: 1500 mt. There is a shuttle bus stop nearby.
If you find the park closed, please call: tel. 320 3314948 – 331 6995048 – 333 2910195


Typical products


Prodotti tipici - Km 8.371
Il “Coppu” di Montelparo

Il “Coppu” di Montelparo

Prodotti tipici - Km 15.492
Lu serpe (o lu serpu)

Lu serpe (o lu serpu)

Prodotti tipici - Km 16.742
Li Caciù co’ la Fava

Li Caciù co’ la Fava

Prodotti tipici - Km 22.395
La Galantina di Grottazzolina

La Galantina di Grottazzolina

Prodotti tipici - Km 25.376

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