Massa Fermana
Via Garibaldi, 60
63834 Massa Fermana (FM)

Historical Notes
The first document in which Massa Fermana is mentioned dates back to 1050, when it was under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Fermo.  Roman lapidary remains are witness to an very ancient past.  In the XIII century it belonged to the Brunforte Family; members like Guglielmo da Massa and the son Valerio on the Ghibelline side, are remembered for the savage war episodes that unsettled the town until it went back to being under Fermo.  In 1808 it lost its autonomy annexing itself to Montappone to regain it once again permanently in 1816.

Monuments and Churches
- Porta Sant’Antonio, at an orgival arch (XIV century) crowned by battlements and “troniere”, with traces of the functioning of the  iron bars and of the draw bridge     and the presence of renaissance galleries.              
- Civic Art Gallery, preserves works of art of V. Pagani,  De Magistris and others,  bas-reliefs of the Florentine school, provenance from the Convent of St. Francesco.
- Church of Santi Lorenzo, Silvestro e Ruffino, preserves the first marchigiana work of art of Carlo Crivelli, signed and dated 1468 done on commission of the Azzolino Counts of Fermo: the politico “Madonna with Child between the Saints Giovanni Battista, Lorenzo, Silvestro and Francesco”.  In the presbytery is the “Madonna della cintola with Angeli musicanti” by brother Vittore.  Not to be overlooked is also a painting by Sebastiano Ghezzi di Comunanza (XVII sec.).
Museums / Art Galleries
- Hat Museum – Museum of the ancient street arts and crafts– via Guerrieri
- Civil Art Gallery – Via Garibaldi 60
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For guided tours please contact the Municipal Offices a few days in advance.
Opening times:  Monday to Saturday 8:00-13:30 - Sunday: 15:30-19:00.
Tour guide available upon request: 0734 760127 - 335 8215530

Local Traditions
Typical activities: HATS with a presence of about 40 companies in this field.

Typical products
Lu serpe (o lu serpu)

Lu serpe (o lu serpu)

Prodotti tipici - Km 4.985
Li Caciù co’ la Fava

Li Caciù co’ la Fava

Prodotti tipici - Km 5.315
La Galantina di Grottazzolina

La Galantina di Grottazzolina

Prodotti tipici - Km 11.387
Il “Coppu” di Montelparo

Il “Coppu” di Montelparo

Prodotti tipici - Km 15.509


Prodotti tipici - Km 18.039

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