Monte San Pietrangeli
P.zza Umberto, 1
63815 Monte San Pietrangeli (FM)

Historical Notes

The plinth of the cinerary urn of the Roman eagle-bearer Caio Vezzio Fusco which goes back to the year 46 a. C. is evidence that already at that time there must have been a nucleus living in our Municipality.  The documented history starts from when in the year 720 Faraoldo Duke of Spoleto gifts a large lot of agricultural land in our municipality to the monks of Ferentillo (Terni).  The monks equip, reclaim and improve conditions of the land and cultivate it; they also build a formidable town wall so much so to transform the Municipality into a Castle, with the name of Monte San Pietro.  During the period of the Signorìe, Monte San Pietro goes from “patronage” of the Cathedral of Fermo to Azzo d’Este, then to the Municipality of Fermo with which it has ever more turbulent relationships.  In order to subdue the unbowed Castle, in 1443 Francesco Sforza, lays siege to it, but is defeated because is caught between cross fires: the Gaivano army defending the castle and the mercenary captain Ventura Piccinino that attacks him from the outside.  The victory of the small Municipality made such a great sensation that it was celebrated in the whole of the ‘Marca’.  A few years later Fermo decided to vindicate the matter, completely destroying San Pietro degli Agli (as it was then called). Pope Paolo III severely punished Fermo removing the Municipality from its jurisdiction.  From then, the name was changed to Monte San Pietro degli Angeli.  Once free from Fermo, the welfare of the Municipality grew: the town was rebuilt with good urban criteria and after the last war the Municipality went from a mainly agricultural economy to an artisan one, thanks to the development of considerable shoe manufacturing activities which brought prosperity to the workers.

Monuments and Churches

The Collegiate Church of Valadier, the most beautiful one in the Marche of the neoclassical period;
- The XVI century Church of San Francesco with an interesting polyptych attributed to Giuliano da Fano (1530?) and a marvelous Bell Tower by Rosati.
- The Municipal Palazzo is also beautiful and was restored by Fontana (it preserves both the historic Icona, and also the municipal statute parchment manuscripts from 1483).


Tourist information:
- Pro Loco di Monte San Pietrangeli
- Comune di Monte San Pietrangeli

Telefono: 0734 969125
App: Municipium

Recreational vehicle park:
Contrada Carella, Piazzale Oscar Marziali. GPS: N 43°11'14'' E 13° 29'01''
Distance from the city centre: 700mt

Facilities: six AC power connection, street lighting, dump station.

Typical products
Li Caciù co’ la Fava

Li Caciù co’ la Fava

Prodotti tipici - Km 7.477
La Galantina di Grottazzolina

La Galantina di Grottazzolina

Prodotti tipici - Km 8.791
Caciotta del fermano

Caciotta del fermano

Prodotti tipici - Km 11.959
Lu serpe (o lu serpu)

Lu serpe (o lu serpu)

Prodotti tipici - Km 13.079
Tagliatelle fritte

Tagliatelle fritte

Prodotti tipici - Km 16.161

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