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Monteleone di Fermo ()

Historical Notes
Balanced high up on the spur between the Ete Vivo and the Lubrico torrent, Monteleone di Fermo makes its entrance into history with the presence of the Farfensi; it became a municipality during the Middle Ages.  Monteleone di Fermo can still pride itself on the remains of the original castle walls and on the fact that the inhabited part of the historical center has an unchanged appearance with a tranquil medieval atmosphere.
The Town Hall has been completely renovated; the Bell-Tower is of particular interest made up of an irregular hexagonal tower (which dates back to XIII-XIV century), once the central element of the ancient Castle of Torre dé Casoli together with the court of the X-XI century of S. Maroto which nowadays is the Parish Church dedicated to S. Marone built on Roman remains.  In a document dated around 1264-67 the feud resulted being in the possession of the signori of Clarmonte, who gave up their rights of the Castle of Casole to the Municipality of Montelparo. There is documented evidence however that even back in 1251 Monteleone was a castle of Fermo.

Monuments and Churches
- Parish Church of San Marone Martire (XV century)
- Church of San Giovanni Battista: internally it hosts an Astylar silver embossed Cross signed in 1524 by Bartolomeo da Montelparo.
- Church of the Crocefisso or also known as Church of the Madonna della Misericordia built in 1526, it has Roman parts and inside has the most interesting work of art of Orfeo Presutti (done in 1546), a large wonderful Fresco depicting the  “Giudizio Universale” (“Universal Judgment Day”).
- In the Palazzo Comunale (the Town Hall) we can now find two Panels of a “Madonna” and of  “S.Giovanni” of the Crivellesca School (the date has now been established as of the XV century).

Other attractions worth visiting
- The Memorial Park
- Panoramic Belvedere: a stunning panoramic view towards the Sibillini Mountains from where many medieval towns of the surroundings areas can be identified perched on top of the nearby hills.

Typical products
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Il “Coppu” di Montelparo

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