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Historical Notes
Between the Adriatic Sea and the mountainous chain of the Apennines the fertile hills of the ancient Picenum spread out, intersected by rivers and torrents.  Between two of these, on a cliff at 277 m. of altitude Montottone rises up.  Up to the XV century it went by the name of Mons Actonis (Monte di Attone), substituted later on by the present day one of Montottone.  In 1191 Pope Celestino III invested the Benedictine monks of the spiritual and temporal dominium over Montottone; in 1221 the patriarch of Aquileia gave the castle of Montottone over to Pietro IV, a bishop from Fermo in feud.  In 1397 the Montottone population rebelled against the municipality of Fermo; in 1405 they passed under the dominium of Ludovico Migliorati from Sulmona and in 1415 they were besieged by Malatesta di Cesena.  After the death of Migliorati, they subjected themselves to the Rector of the Church of the ‘Marca’ and in 1433 the dominium passed to Francesco Sforza.  In 1537 Pier Luigi Farnese, having removed the government from Fermo, constituted at Monottone the Ecclesiastic State in Agro Piceno under the rule of Cardinal Radoccio Farnese.  All the Castles subject to Fermo and the Territory reunited within it, for all of ten years it became the residence of all of the governors that followed.  The supremacy on all of the nearby castles gave Monottone distinction and well-being.  Evidence of an important past is the remains of mighty castle walls within which the town has remained practically unchanged.

Monuments and Churches
- Chiesa Madonna delle Grazie, from its origins it was built in the shape of a Greek cross, on the main altar it has still a XV century wall fresco representing the “The Virgin enthroned with Child and angels with instruments”
- Chiesa Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, of medieval origin, long ago it was called Church of Santa Maria del buon Gesù. The entrance is decorated with a very rich portal in cotto which goes back to 1515.
- Chiesa San Pietro Apostolo, in the previous centuries this church was the property of the municipality and had the title of ‘Pievania’.  In 1762 it was reconstructed with the building of the Grande Collegiata.
- Chiesa San Francesco, goes back to the year 1300, annexed to the church is the homonym convent.
- Torrione Porta Marina, the main access to the town which used to connect it to the town of Fermo by means of the via Grande is called Porta Marina which has remained integral in its medieval configuration up to all of the XVIII century.
- Cisterna, build in the XV century, there is nothing remotely similar to it in any of the nearby castles, it was walled with the greatness worthy of a great city.


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