Porto San Giorgio
Via Vittorio Veneto, 5
63822 Porto San Giorgio (FM)

Historical Notes
Porto San Giorgio was born as a maritime port of the nearby Fermo. Plinio il Vecchio defines it as castle of the Fermani “Castellum Firmanorum”.  In Medieval documents it appears with the name of Portus Firmi and it is indicated in the pilot books and on the ancient nautical maps as a maritime port of the utmost importance.  The Center for maritime traffic of the hinterland and of Fermo, to and from Venice, brought about a friendly alliance between these two towns.  After the barbaric invasions with consequential destructions, some fishermen settled in the area and gave life to an inhabited area that in 1164 was entered into the Canonical chapter of the Duomo di Fermo.  From 1260 they handed over the castle to the Fermo municipality that transformed it into a fortress against the raids from the sea and a vigil watch-guard of the Fermano power and jurisdiction on the coast.  Seeing the Turkish raids, especially in the Adriatic, Fermo decided to enclose Porto San Giorgio with town walls.  In 1741 the Fermana Congregation established that Porto San Giorgio was to be considered a castle distinct from Fermo and in 1782 the Pontificial Government conceded the possession of the territories that go from the Tenna to the Ete.

Monuments and Churches
- Torre dell’Orologio (the watch tower), built in 1840, it shows itself off well in the main square.
- Rocca Tiepolo, it was erected in the XIII century and represents a characteristic fortress place at the defense of the ports of the littorals of the Marche.  It later became possession of castellans and of armed men that had other new constructions built.
- Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) has a XVIII century tower.  It preserves a “San Giacomo between two Saints”, oil painting on canvas by Gaetano Gandolfi (1775).
- Church of the Suffragio, it is a XVII century building.  Internally there is a Crocefissione by Vincenzo Pagani and works of art by Trevisani and Milani.


Tourist information office IAT
Porto San Giogio
address: Via G. Oberdan, 5
Tel.: 0734 684868
E-mail: iat.portosangiorgio@regione.marche.it
Opening hours: Morning from 9 am to 1 pm

Public Relations Office Comune Porto San Giorgio
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Recreation vehicle park
“La perla dell'adriatico”, via San Martino n.13. GPS N 43°09'49'' E13°48'26''
Seasonal opening. Fee-paying park, for information please call 0734/675656 - 333/1006529. www.areaperladelladriatico.it
Fenced and guarded area.
Distance from the city centre: 2000mt. There are a bicycle pah and a bus stop nearby.
Facilitiesi: AC power connection, street lighting, dump station.

Typical products


Prodotti tipici - Km 0.524
Brodetto sangiorgese

Brodetto sangiorgese

Prodotti tipici - Km 0.524
Caciotta del fermano

Caciotta del fermano

Prodotti tipici - Km 6.776
Vino cotto

Vino cotto

Prodotti tipici - Km 8.919
Maccheroncini di Campofilone

Maccheroncini di Campofilone

Prodotti tipici - Km 11.673

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