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Historical Notes
Some findings from the Picenum Age indicate the presence of populations since the IX century B.C.  The medieval take over is down to the presence of the Benedictines of the Abbey of the Santa Croce, founded in 886.  The coastal part was donated by the Bishop of Fermo back in 1035, but around 1250, Sant’Elpidio obtained by the papal representatives the faculty to have its own port.  The skirmishes with Fermo, for the control of the commerce, became more and more bitter and because of this the elpidiensi received the permission to fortify the Port.  In the XVI century thanks to a demographical growth, to the growing commerce and to the construction of the Aprutina road which connected the Abruzzo to Loreto, the economical interests moved gradually to the coast.  Only in 1952 did Porto Sant’Elpidio become an autonomous Municpality.   The economical resumption which has brought about the present day lively town is not tied into the fishing industry, but to the diffusion of the shoe industry and to the confirmation of the seaside tourist industry.

Monuments and Churches
- The Church of the Annunziata, built in 1823 by the will of the Cardinal Cesare Brancadoro, preserves an “Annunciazione della Vergine”,  painting on canvas by Nicola Monti (XVII century).
- Torre dell’Orologio, (Clock Tower) built in 1560, was a watch tower towards the sea.
- Villa Baruchello, built in the second half of the XVIII century on a site which had been lived on right back to very ancient times (during the excavations in 1917 and 1919 huts were recovered which went back to the Iron Age), nowadays owned by the Municipality, it is surrounded by a luxurious garden, protected now as botanical gardens with various fountains and in which a hunting tower rises up. It has become a prestigious point of reference for Conference activities for the whole region also in virtue of its splendid conference room.
- Santuary Madonna Addolorata, in the hamlet of Corva, preserves a sacred image of the Virgin, venerated since XVIII century following an apparition.

Other attractions worth visiting
Villa Murri, built in the first 10-20 years of the XIX century on a project by the architect Ireneo Aleandri by the Sinibaldi family, it is now owned by the Municipality. It is now in fact home to the Cultural, Social Services, school Politics and Sports sections, the library “Carlo Cuini”,  the Youth information Section, the Cultural Foundation “Progetto Città e Cultura” (Project Town and Culture).  The courtyard is the stimulating frame for theatrical events such as, for example, the annual International Festival of the Youth Theatre.
Theatre of the Api, inaugurated in October 2006, with a seating capacity of 420 places, is certainly the most modern place for events in the whole Region, also for the highly advanced technologies that it contains.  Here the very intense season of prose, music, comedy, dialect, for the younger audiences is carried out.  It also hosts confrences and congresses of nationa importance.
Lungomare, (promenade) a walkway, with alongside a protected bicycle lane, runs from the extreme south to the north for the whole length of the town, about 7 Km., the construction of which was carried out in different phases and was started in 1999.  It is one of the beating hearts of the “movida” elpidiense with the multitude of premises, (most of which also offer food and drinks) most open for the main part of the year.  It is equipped with a “health and well-being” path for jogging in the pine-wood, with basket-ball courts, of a platform in the sea for activities of various types, not least for those summer concerts, and with playground areas for children.

Local Traditions
Typical Activities: Shoe manufacturing
Food and Wine: fish based dishes and typical wines from the fermano district

Typical products


Prodotti tipici - Km 7.891
Brodetto sangiorgese

Brodetto sangiorgese

Prodotti tipici - Km 7.891
Caciotta del fermano

Caciotta del fermano

Prodotti tipici - Km 10.535
Vino cotto

Vino cotto

Prodotti tipici - Km 15.657
Tagliatelle fritte

Tagliatelle fritte

Prodotti tipici - Km 18.265

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