Santa Vittoria in Matenano
Corso Matteotti, 13
Santa Vittoria in Matenano ()

Historical Notes
In the year 898, while the Saracens depraved and destroyed the Abbey of Farfa, the Abbot Pietro dalla Sabina moved, together with his brothers to the Picenum area. The fortress built by Pietro on the Matenano Hill at the beginning of the X century, availed a valuable strong defensive position, and in 934 welcomed the precious relics of the venerated Santa Vittoria, Sabina martyr.  Santa Vittoria in Matenano reached the height of its prosperity and of its territorial power when in 1357 it became seat of the Farfense Presidiary, an administrative organism with ample judicial prerogatives over the whole of the Picenum territory.  It became an autonomous Municipality in the XIII century; the Castle of Santa Vittoria was endowed with a set of its own statutory rules already in 1446.  Still at the Monastery of Santa Vittoria, in the middle of the XV century, thanks to the work of Frà Marino Angeli a pictorial school of a solid character was formed and which left the mark of a substantial impression on the Picenum Art of the period.  Following the demolitions in 1771, on the top of the hill, solitary in the scenery of the Memorial Park, is the profile of the Church of the Resurrezione, it has a central altar with twisted columns and the elegant statue of Christ, from here is the entrance to the Cappella degli Innocenti (The Chapel of the Innocent), still said to be the Farfense oratory.  The Collegiate, situated further down, is a solid and imposing neo-classical building with a three nave Latin cross layout; amongst the paintings on canvas present here, it is important to remember the predication of S. Giovanni Battista by Sebastiano Ghezzi.
The wide corso Matteotti constitutes the main thoroughfares of the Castle.   A meeting place and a representative road, it qualifies as a way of the long piazza at the head of which the tall XIV century Tower of Abbot Odorisio is situated, a valuable example of a battlemented-tower Entrance, but also of a civic Tower.  Along the corso the renaissance prospects of the Palazzo dei Della Torre, Palazzo Melis, and the church of S. Agostino can be noted, annexed to the convent which at presents host the Municipal offices and offers a prestigious XVI century cloister.  The weaving in and out of the minor streets, given by a varied succession of green areas, and closes, all rendered harmonious by the chromatic tonalities of the bricks, give a sense of absorption, of measuring things up and of silence.

Monuments and Churches
- Tower of the Abate Odorisio XIII century
- Municipal Theatre del Leone (built on the ex court of the dwelling of the Abbot Odorisio) XIII century
- Palazzo Gentilizio Monti - Sepe  XVIII century
- Palazzo dei Della Torre  XV century
- Church and monastery S. Agostino (now Municipal residence) XVI century
- Palazzo Melis XVI century
- Monastery of the Benedictines XVII century
- Santuary of the  V.M. Vittoria XVIII century
- Church of the Resurection XV century
- Frescoes of  Fra Marino Angeli  XV century
- Church Madonna degli Angeli XIV century

Museums / Art Galleries
Tel/Fax 0734.780111
Opening times: on request, tourist tour with guide

Other attractions worth visiting
- Memorial Park
- San Francesco Park
- Belvedere – Viale Francesco Squarcia
- Farfense wine cellar

Local Traditions
Food and Wine: wine - pork - oil - dried cod - stock-fish
Curiosities and anecdotes: Per viver calmo e sano ritorna al Matenano (To live calmly and healthily return to Matenano)

For turist information:
Comune di Santa Vittoria in Matenano
Tel.: 0734 78011
Fax: 0734 780561

Pro Loco di Santa Vittoria in Matenano
Tel.: 366 7345810

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