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tema ItaliaThe prime objective of the Association is the creation of Europe’s new People, by means of intense and structured promotional activities of the territories, and even more by cultural exchanges and integration between different people.   An ambitious objective that T.E.M.A. pursues through the study and the accomplishment of projects which “start from the bottom”, that is, which see as protagonists, those same people by means of whom the projects become a reality, that is to say those people of the member States of the European Union.

A social and cultural growth that T.E.M.A. therefore promotes and contributes to the building of, in an entirely innovative way, because innovative are the procedures through which the Institutions and the civil society compare themselves to the important and present day theme of the European integration.

There are more than 70 European Municipalities which, assisted by scholastic Institutions and various Associations, are on the front line to sustain solid initiatives of promotion and integration of the cultures and territories at all levels.   T.E.M.A. International nowadays includes 6 European territories (Austria, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary), that is:

- a total territory which extends for about 5.500 Sq.Km., with a population of nearly 700.000 people;
- a unity of Institutions and populations involved at various levels with common projects and initiatives;
- a unity of  tourism realities;
- a unity of economic realities.

Number and Category of members: TEMA ITALIA represents the Italian network which is part of the International TEMA network. In  2008 N. 14 members of which n. 9 Municipalities, n. 1 Managerial Association, n. 1 Syndicate Association, n. 1 Cultural Association, n. 1 Sports Association n. 1 Company.


Giancarlo Fermani
T.E.M.A. Internazionale - TEMA ITALIA


For more information contact:

Telefono: 333 5460916
E - mail: tema.italia@hotmail.it

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