Confartigianato Imprese della provincia di Ascoli Piceno e Fermo

confartigianato_imprese_apfmmc_nuovoThe Confartigianato Imprese of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo - previously UAPI until July 8, 2010 -, recognized by the national structure in 2004, actively works to provide a service to the inter-provincial artisan productive complex, made up of over 2,800 associates that belong to the different professional categories.


Representatives of the Confartigianato Imprese sit in the organisms of representation of the working categories at prestigious Institutions: Chambers of Commerce of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo, (on the Council of Commons, commission Register of Artisan Enterprises), the Province of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo (commission of transport, , provincial commission of labor, technical seat of economic programming) and numerous  social security and health authorities (INPS and INAIL), consortiums and councils.


In addition, the artisans categories have in Confartigianato Imprese representatives at the national bodies of their respective categories (Transport, Ceramics, Restoration, Tailors and Designers, Electrical Sector, Construction, Business Women’s Group, Young Entrepreneurs, Confectioners, ANAP).


The Confartigianato Imprese inherits the know-how of an experience matured from the national system in over sixty years of constant and prestigious activities. So the Association has safeguarded the ability, competence and passion of 480.000 artisans and small entrepreneurs, which employ 1,800,000 employees in Italy, that create an added value of 58 millions euros, the highest in Europe. (I numeri fanno riferimento alla confartigianato imprese nazionale quindi è possibile che I numeri sono così alti. 480.00 è un errore proprio del sito, io penso che hanno lasciato uno 0) controllare su altri siti


Numerous are the services offered to the Associates, from training facilities to 360° degrees (compulsory and innovative) to assisting businesses in all the necessities required by present regulations.


The website of the Association consolidates daily the dialogue with numerous artisans and professionals visitors, offering news on the association’s life, new tax laws and fiscal deadlines, as well as updated calendars of training courses.


The recent opening of a group on the popular social network Facebook aims to deepen this relationship, guiding the enterprises to the discovery of the association’s life and new regulations throughout the whole day.


A mailing list service delivers several times during the week, the most important information of interest to the categories to the mailboxes of the members. To subscribe, simply send an email to the address:


For more information contact:

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