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From good land to good food. The farming heritage of the Fermano area is expressed in the different aromas and tastes of the cooking of the territory: the salumi, for example the ciauscolo or the lonza, the fresh pasta like the maccheroncini of Campofilone, the typical local dishes, from vincisgrassi to the fish brodetto, and the traditional desserts like “lu serpe” and “lu fristingu”. The passion for good food and natural products has always brought together the inhabitants of the Marca Fermana territory.

The territory and traditions: Genuine food

TheFood and Winetourism is a new way to travel, which is winning over an ever increasing number of passionate enthusiasts searching for authentic tastes and traditions. The quality and the authenticity have made the typical products of the Fermano gastronomy famous worldwide.

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Every moment around the table has its typical course: starting from the many antipasti based on spontaneous herbs, to the first courses with a tasting of the maccheroncini of Campofilone IGP or of the classical 'vincisgrassi'. A truly loved one pot dish is the sangiorgese fish brodetto, which has received the municipal De.Co mark of quality.


The most well known pork product is the 'ciauscolo', a soft paste salame, besides the classical salame, the lonza, the coppa, the sausages and the chicken's liver. For those special days or working days the chicken or hen 'galantina' always has a place on the table, this is a very rich and tasty dish.


As tradition goes, there is a cake for every festivity, and therefore at Christmas we find “lu serpe” (or lu serpu) and the fristingo (or frustingo), at carneval frittelle, “sfrappe” and 'cicherchiata' and all year round the ciambellone cake (with a hole in the middle), and dry small biscuits accompanied by a good vino cotto. An excellency of the territory is also its fruit such as the peach, which is mainly produced along the Valley of the Aso river.


Finally it is compulsory to list all that accompanies these dishes: extra virgin olive oil of the'piantone' of Falerone, white wines and red wines like Falerio, Rosso Piceno, Passerina and Pecorino.


The tourists can reward themselves by visiting the various municipalities and organizing a trueFood and Wine tour during the many holidays and local fêtes, these events are the best time to get to know the true spirit of the Fermano welcome properly.

Places of Interest
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