I.S.I.T.P.S. "Einaudi"- Porto Sant'Elpidio


The ISITPS is one of the higher education institutes in the Fermano territory, which prepares future operators in the restoration, tourism and accommodation sectors. It participates actively in the majority of the most significant events aimed at promoting the territory.

The Institute:

  • Stimulates the initiative and the sense of responsibility of its pupils, through cultural experiences, training, stages, school-work experiences and sport socialisation.
  • It pursues the aim of the acquisition of the capability of communication, both in a traditional manner and also through information and multimedia technologies.
  • It strengthens foreign language knowledge, also through cultural exchanges and educational trips abroad.
  • It favours the attitude to adapt to innovation, cultivating the capability to redesign ones own training paths with the aim to acquire expertise useful for diversified and innovative employment.
  • It strengthens general culture, intended as a basic-package of knowledge from which to develop logical and operational skills.
  • It cultivates a civic sense, which enables to acquire an ethic-civil dimension of work, life and society.

The Institute has stipulated the following network and conventional agreements:

rete "Aurora"

rete I. S. S. ( Insegnamento Scienze Sperimentali) (= Experimental Science Teachings)


  • - The University of studies of Camerino Convention
  • - The University of studies of Macerata Convention
  • - The University of studies of Ancona Convention
  • - The University of Free Time of Porto Sant'Elpidio Convention
  • - The Istituto Canossiano of Porto San Giorgio Convention


For Information:

Via Legnano

63821 Porto Sant'Elpidio

Telephone: 0734/991431

Web: www.isitps.it

E-mail: segreteriaisitps@yahoo.it - apis00200g@istruzione.it

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