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The holder of the Diploma has general competence in the field of national and international macro economic phenomena, of civil and tax legislation, of business systems and processes (organizing, planning, scheduling, administration, finance and control), marketing tools, insurance and financial products and of social economy. Is also able to integrate the expertise of specific professional language and computer skills to operate the company's information system and contribute both to innovation in both organizational and technological improvement of the enterprise engaged in the international context.


At the conclusion of the five-year course, the holder of the Diploma achieves the learning results as specified below in terms of skills.
1. To recognize and interpret:
– Local, global and national market trends, also so as to grasp the repercussions in a given context;
– National and international macro economic phenomena and is able to connect them to the specifics of a company;
– The changes in economic systems in the diachronic dimension through the comparison between the historical periods and synchronic dimension through comparison amongst the different cultures and geographic areas.

2. To locate and access the journalism, civil and tax law aspects with special reference to business.


3. To interpret the systems in their business models, processes and information flows with reference to different types of businesses.


4. To recognize the different company organizational models, can document the procedures and seek effective solutions compared to given situations.


5. To identify the characteristics of the labor market and assist in the management of human resources.


6. To manage the system of corporate disclosures by means of integrated accounting programs.


7. To apply the principles and tools of planning and controlling, analyzing the results.


8. To incorporate the marketing activities in the life cycle of the company and build applications with reference to specific contexts and diverse market policies.


9. To orient themselves in the market for insurance and financial products, also to cooperate in the research of economically advantageous solutions.


10. To use corporate information systems and integrated communication tools, to achieve communicative activities with reference to different contexts.


11. To analyze and produce documents relating to the social and environmental reporting, in light of the policies on corporate social responsibility.

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