The gateway to the Sibillini Mountains

This itinerary takes us towards Amandola, the entrance to the Sibillini Mountains with its many nature routes; the landscape projects us back like an echo to the fantastic worlds of fables and spells and reminds us of the magic stories of Antoine De La Salle and of Guerrier Meschino, the predictions of the Sybille and the fables of the Fairies.  The legend tells that in the cavern of the Sybille, lived the female prophet that rarely revealed her secrets; and so it was that the wandering knights came from all over Europe in the hope of seizing from her an oracle.

From the motorway exit at Porto San Giorgio, in about 40 minutes, we can reach Monteleone di Fermo on the SP87 and then the SP112; we turn right onto the SP66 and then right again onto the SP61 until the SP53.  On the way up towards Monteleone di Fermo we shall surelymeet up with cyclists and “Ruzzola” players.  

This territory offers very singular landscaped appearances:  along the two torrents, the Ete and the Lubrico, we can actually find the vulcanelli fangosi, (small mud volcanoes), modest sludgy eruptions from the underground.  Not less indicative are the calanchi, deep furrows made by the erosion on clayey ground, in particular along the Ete Valley. 


Following the signs for Montelparo, we get to “Murello”: this small ‘borgo’ is so named because it is like a ship that points towards the east and which has in front of it the immense panorama of the Monte of the Ascensione and of the Sibillini.  It looks also towards Santa Vittoria in Matenano, where the historic town centre preserves the ancient medieval way and the characteristic brick buildings. Surely not to be missed on the top of Monte Matenano, the complex of the “Cappellone degli Innocenti” and the Sanctuary of the Collegiate of Santa Vittoria.


We reach Montefalcone Appennino, our first stop, following the SP42 and the SP49.  Since early days, fossils have always attracted the attention of many: to go up to Montefalcone to collect “shells” has been, and still is, a hobby practiced by many. In 1996 the Municipal Museum of Fossils and Minerals was founded in Palazzo Felici, which hosts local fossils and minerals from all over the world. (Tel. 0734/79136).  It exhibits an extensive collection of art and nature and, in the relevant garden you can visit a conservatory with around 400 cacti.


A few minutes away, on the SP50, we get to Smerillo, a small ‘borgo’ of a thousand proposals: In 1987 the Environment Educational Centre “Bosco di Smerillo” (Tel. 073479423) was set up which organizes lots of activities tied to astronomy, nature and also to sport.  It is possible to do orienteering: an activity which foresees the choice of objectives to be reached by means of topographic maps with conventional signs; the winner is the one who takes less time, not always the quickest, but who is able to find their way.

Going towards the SP239 we finally arrive at our destination: Amandola and we enter into thePark of the Sibillini Mountains.  We are at 500 meters a.s.l., on the south east side of the Sibillini Mountains, in a splendid panoramic position.  Set down onto the summit of three hills, a ‘borgo’ rich in history and nature which gets its name from the almond tree. 


We advise spending 3 days to enjoy this route satisfactorily.

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