Footwear: Made in Marca Fermana

The territory’s economy is mainly based on the shoe district; it is here that the best shoes are manufactured thanks to the small-medium businesses rooted in the whole territory; this field has reached very high quality levels born out of the understanding of the know-how.  The strength of our land lies in the high specialization of the productive compartment throughout all of its phases, in the past at an artisan level and nowadays also in an industrial one.  This sector developed in the Sixties, until it became the leading economy in the Eighties reaching the success of the brand ‘made in the Marche’ known throughout Italy and abroad.  The heart of the district beats through the towns of Porto Sant’Elpidio, Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Montegranaro and Monte San Pietrangeli world leaders in this field which will be destinations along our route. 


Directly at the factory, we shall have the possibility to see just how the shoe production is carried out and also appreciate the curious Shoe Museum at Sant’Elpidio a Mare (info: 0734-810008): the structure was set up with the objective of highlighting the enormous productive heritage, but at the same time to preserve the historical aspect of this territorial tradition; the cultural aspect is also passed down now thanks to the Shoe Industry School.


And now without further a do we can only allow ourselves to be temped by the many outlets that sell their own products at factory prices directly in their show rooms, even most of the smallest firms have one and it is possible to reach a direct link between the producer and the consumer.  We can find all kinds of shoes for men, women and children; from the classic moccasin to the sandals of the latest fashion statement of jewelry status.   Enjoy your Shopping Trip!

We advise a 2 day period to take advantage of all what is on offer.

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Monte Urano

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Ufficio Turismo e Cultura: Tel. 0734/848723

Polizia Municipale: Tel. 0734/848754 - 0734-848755

Monte San Pietrangeli

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Municipio: 0734.89791
Ufficio turismo: 0734.897932
Biblioteca: 0734.89054
Informagiovani: 0734.889091
Teatro La Perla: 0734.893350
Croce gialla:0734.891657




Sant'Elpidio a Mare

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- Comune: P.zza Matteotti, 8 - Tel. 0734-81961 – Fax 0734-8196229
- Assessorato alla Cultura: Tel. 0734-8196407
- Polizia Municipale: Baccio, 85 - Tel. 0734-8196272

Porto Sant'Elpidio

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0734.9081 - centralino


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Piazzale Virgilio 1 – 63018 Porto Sant’Elpidio
Tel/Fax 0734.908263


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