Roman and Picenum archeology in the Marca Fermana: discover the oldest testimonies.

Fermo’s existence since the Bronze Age is well documented by archeological objects found in the three Picenum necropolis excavated around the town; and, judging by their consistency, they are proof that they were pertinent to a large picenum-villanovian centre.   

Even today we can still see the megalithic walls which preceded the arrival of the Romans in 264 BC, when they founded the important colony named Firmum Picenum.  Upon visiting the archeological Museum situated in the Priori Palazzo in Piazza del Popolo, one can admire findings of the Picenum Age, cippus and sculptures of Roman times, to then continue the visit to the large Roman cisterns, a vast underground complex accomplished between 40 and 60 AD to collect and purify the rain water, a sure witness to the great hydraulic engineering of Roman architecture. 

Walking around the inside of the historical centre of town, it is possible to see the remains of the Roman theatre and the small cisterns, rooms in which in the past, the first Antiquarian of Fermo was set up.

Following the itinerary and crossing the Tenna River we move onto the SP239, called Strada Faleriense, which takes us directly to the town of Falerone, which existed already in VI century BC. The present day Piane di Falerone was founded in 29 BC. with the name of “Falerio Picenus”when Octavian decided to build a small town as a provincial capital of the centurions-urbanization of the Valtenna area, where he could establish a colony for his veteran soldiers.  It became an important centre, equipped with a theatre and an amphitheatre, with numerous aristocratic villas, thermal baths, and burial monuments and with highly futuristic water engineering plants.  It is possible to visit the Archeological Park (unique in the Fermo province) and the Civic Archeological Museum situated at the top of the town, on the hill, precisely in piazza della Libertá.  

Going back over the Tenna River, on the south side, we find Belmonte Piceno, a very important centre of the Picenum Age, where an extremely rich necropolis was discovered where among other objects, returned to us was the “Signore dei Cavalli”, one of the most admired artifacts of the Picenum world.

Going south we find Monsampietro Morico, situated along the River Ete worth a visit for its antique traces; further along we come to Montelparo which is also an interesting example of an ancient centre. 

Going down to the valley of the Aso River it is absolutely compulsory to stop off at Monte Rinaldo with its splendid Archeological Area which can be found at ‘La Cuma’ where the remains (temple and portico) of a monumental sanctuary of the late Republican Age (II-I century BC.) can still be seen.  It is one of the most important Hellenistic cultural complexes of the region.  Afterwards we advise a visit to the Archeological Museum which collects the area’s discoveries. 

Going down along the Aso Valley’s provincial road, we come to Monterubbiano, another interesting Picenum-Roman centre where you can visit the Archeological Museum. We end by crossing the Aso River where we come to Campofilone, where, just near the outskirts, a double roomed cistern of Roman age can still be seen. A collection of Picenum-Roman discoveries can be viewed in the rooms of the parish church of S. Lorenzo, placed at the summit of the small historical centre, set out by the very passionate and archeological scholar Don Vincenzo Galiè who is also the parish priest.


We advise spending 3 days to enjoy this route satisfactorily.

Written with the co-operation of:  Arch. Liliana ANCONETANI - Consigliere Nazionale di Archeoclub d'Italia.

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