The Marca Fermana boundaries are defined along the Adriatic coast by the rivers Chienti to the north and the Aso to the south, and then to the west by the range of the Sibillini Mountains. The total area is about 1,000 square kilometers and has a population of 190,000 inhabitants.

Its appearance is that of a distinctive Apennine landscape with a flat coastal plain, a rich and varied hilly hinterland and further back the mountainous area of the Sibillini Mountains. The latter has such a varied and characteristic flora and fauna to have developed into a National Park, the spectacular features of which are fulfilled and enhanced by peaks higher than 2,000 m., like Monte Vettore, the Priora and the Sibilla, and by deep gorges and crevasses like the Infernaccio and the Montemonaco Foce.

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