The Fermano Camping Club (Camping Club del Fermano)


During the first few months of 1976 two groups of friends who previously did not know each other had the idea of re-establishing a Campers' Club following the closure in 1969 of a similar association based in Porto San Giorgio.


They met casually and by joining up together, they gave birth to the CAMPING CLUB DEL FERMANO in April of the same year, a non-profit Association based in Fermo, with the aim of bringing together people interested in camping and promoting a balanced development of camping practises within the respect for the territory and the environment.


Contrary to the majority of most other camping associations that include their location within their company name, the founder members of the Fermano Camping Club have incorporated in theirs, the name of the whole territory: “Fermano”, literally because they wanted to address, both for the composition of the company entity and also for the area of intervention, the whole reality of the “Fermano area”: a well defined territory, which now relates to the present day province of Fermo.


Even in the transformations which followed throughout the years, from open air tourism (which went from that of mainly camping with tents or caravans) to the itinerant one of auto-caravans, the Club has always stayed faithful to its inspired principles and their every organized event has signified something more that just staying together, which is certainly important, but these also became occasions in which to project externally and to show a way of doing tourism differently, but not less importantly, for the good of the economy and in order to re-evaluate the territory.


The 1° Fermano National Meeting goes back to 1980, which ended with an unpublished, beautiful and pacific invasion of caravans in Piazza del Popolo in Fermo, and then another 2° National Meeting of 1982 at Montefortino saw the participation of equipment from the whole of Italy, from Sicily to Piemonte, and which remained imprinted in the mind and the heart of those taking part both for the warm welcome and for the large number of projected initiatives.


We could continue speaking about the many other initiatives, but we limit ourselves here to the most significant ones such as the first experience, perhaps at national level, of genuine agri-tourism camping promoted by our Club in co-operation with the Municipality of Fermo in 1981, and then like the 1994 Round Table at Moresco with “Tourism Plein Air in the Fermano area” and again, in more recent times, "Porte Aperte alla scoperta del Fermano" (= “Open Doors to the Discovery of the Fermano area”) in April 2007: ten days during which agencies, institutions, guides and tourism operators were on hand so the itinerant tourists could freely build their itineraries and choose between the innumerable opportunities suggested.


The project "The Fermano 360 days of Open Doors in Plein Air" with the Convention "Conoscere i luoghi: scoprirli, viverli, comprenderli"

(= “Know the places: discover them, live them, understand them”) is an even more recent one dated May 2010, but it too places itself within the trend which has always characterised the policy of The Fermano Camping Club, which is the development of the camping and itinerant tourism and the promotion of the territory, but always with the respect and the correct realization of the environment.


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Camping Club del Fermano

Per info:

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