The cultural heritage of Marca Fermana divides its treasures into numerous subject areas: mainly architecture and paintings that find their origins from the historical past of the territory. The Roman churches, the well preserved palazzi of nobles, the paintings and the murals of valuable artistic content, the theatres, the libraries and the museums. A heritage spread throughout the Fermano area in an almost continuous itinerary of wonders to be discovered.

The Baroque period of Marca

Between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century humanist and renaissance civilization began to suffer a social-cultural crisis destined to settle first into Mannerism, then later into the Baroque style.

Science and Progress

During the IXX and part of the XX century the interest in science and natural history was subjected to a major increase and most likely we should look for the cause in the basics of the philosophical cultural movement which took the name of Positivism.

History, culture and wonders

The cultural heritage in the Province of Fermo is one of the richest and most visited in Italy.

The Tales of Towers

The precarious social-political situation and the consequent administrative shortcoming of the X century led to the populations scattered in ‘vicos’ (villages) gathering together into ‘castra/castella’, which presented themselves as fortified civil structures capable of protecting, from raids and military sieges, those who were not able to look after themselves.

Theatre and Music throughout Marca Fermana

The Fermo area, like the entire region of the Marche, has always shown a keen interest in theatre and music, insomuch that by studying the history of the various urban centres it immediately jumps to the eye the constant ability to respond to the tastes of a critical audience and the ability to regularly redefine the places used for shows and musical performances.

Aperture Palazzo Felici e Palazzo Leopardi

I nuovi orari di apertura di Palazzo Felici  di Montefalcone Appennino e Palazzo Leopardi di Montefortino

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