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itcgtThe history of the Istituto Commerciale Statale "G. B. Carducci-G. Galilei" is intertwined with the economic and social development of Fermo and shows a constant attention to the profound changes of territorial reality and the adherence to the needs, required by the business world and society's expectations. In 1923 the Institute was formed on the initiative of the municipality of Fermo, which operated in the belief that the promotion of a Technical Institute met with the interests of the citizens of Fermo. During the following school year the higher course started with a chosen handful of pupils, who has passed a severe examination of an entrance exam held at a high Institute. In October of that year came the name "Principe di Piemonte" and the locating of the Institute in the former Jesuit Monastery adjoining the Church of Jesus (St. Martin's). In December 1943, the representative of the fascist Republic ordered the suppression of the name "Principe di Piemonte" that was later restored in 1944. On October 1st, 1951 the school became state-owned. Since then, the Institute contributes to the formation of technicians and managers for the economic and entrepreneurial network of the territory.  During the Board Meeting of the professors of 1955 the proposal was passed to name the Institute "Giovan Battista Carducci" after the illustrious architect of Fermo. . In 1971, separating from the Carducci, which remained with only the commercial section, the State Technical Institute for surveyors, was formed and then named "Galileo Galilei". The "Carducci" was no longer a school of a just a few, but reunited students from all social circles. Another event that characterized this year was the establishment of the detached section of Porto s. Elpidio, followed by the transfer of the headquarters to viale Trento.

In the following years, under the chairmanship of Prof. Walter Martini, the Institute was equipped with modern plants and equipment. Until 1985 the Institute had only one curriculum: Administration, which enabled students to achieve the qualifications of Accountant and Business Consultant. Subsequently, in the 86-87 school year, two new courses were initiated: Igea and Programmers (Principals Goffredo Pennesi and Rismondo Borsoni). I.G.E.A.: Course for Business Management and Law, thanks to which the teachers can adopt new experiments to keep pace with the times; this course provides its holders of Diplomas new knowledge, skills and abilities, allowing placements in business contexts characterised by an increasingly more widespread automation.

In the year 95/96 the Programmers course evolved transforming it into MERCURIO, the course that led to better define the role and function of Business Consultant and Programmer, seen now as a figure holding a solid business knowledge and skills related to software development.

In the year 96/97 the I.T.E.R. course was founded (assisted project of the Technical Institute of Tourism), in response to the need to have qualified people to be placed into the tourism sector, which is well developed in the Fermo territory that can only be entered into from the first year. In the year 1996 the project MULTILAB was founded, applied to Mercury course to the ITER course. In June 1996, after the demise of Dean Antonio Battista, who contributed decisively to the development of the Institute, the construction work of the new wing was started and in April 1997 the branch located in Fontevecchia moved to the main headquarters in viale Trento.
In August 1997 the joining with the Istituto for GEOMETRI was brought about with the change from the name I.T.C. to I.T.C.G.T. "G.B. Carducci - G. Galilei".

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