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The Fermano Area: the heart of the Marche Region

The Marca Fermana is the ancient administrative sub-division of central Italy (approx. X century), under the jurisdiction of the town of Fermo. It constituted the original nucleus of the present day Marche region.

Today's “Marca Fermana”, which mainly corresponds to the province of Fermo, is an area of extraordinary beauty characterised by deep historical and cultural roots.

Marca Fermana is also a non profit association that promotes the territory's culture and tourism, this is the official website of the association dedicated to the Fermano area, heart of the Marche.

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The rural and mountain areas of the Gal Fermano Territory

monte-vidon-combatte-300x168The rural and mountain areas of the Marca Fermana territory corresponds in the main with the 32 municipalities of the Gal (Local Action Group) Fermano Territory: Altidona, Amandola, Belmonte Piceno, Campofilone, Falerone, Fermo, Francavilla D’Ete, Grottazzolina, Lapedona, Magliano di Tenna, Massa Fermana, Monsampietro Morico, Montappone, Monte Giberto, Monte Rinaldo, Monte Vidon Combatte, Monte Vidon Corrado, Montefalcone Appennino, Montefortino, Montegiorgio, Monteleone di Fermo, Montelparo, Montottone, Moresco, Ortezzano, Petritoli, Ponzano di Fermo, Rapagnano, Santa Vittoria in Matenano, Servigliano, Smerillo, Torre San Patrizio.

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The Baroque of the Marca Territory


The new iconographic teachings, imposed by the church, created a celebrated and theatrical art with the aim to teach faith even to those who did not believe.


In the Fermano territory there are various Baroque testimonies like the church of San Filippo in Fermo, the façade of the sanctuary of the Beato Antonio in Amandola, the Callido organs present in many churches of the Fermano area and the Perinsigne Collegiate of Sant'Elpidio a Mare, which preserves inside a Baroque altarpiece designed by the cabinet maker Angelo Scoccianti.


Teatri storici del fermano

Teatro_dell_Aquila_(1790)Un itinerario fra i teatri del Fermano, in cui le diverse arti hanno trovato splendidi esempi di fusione, permette di comprendere l’evoluzione sociale di luoghi nati da esigenze culturali proprie della vita urbana.

La splendida seduzione nasce dall’immaginarli in piena attività, gremiti di gente ed in continua trasformazione.

What are you looking for?

Whoever loves travelling must spend time discovering the Fermo Territory that offers everything a Tourist could ask for, during an unforgettable holiday.

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From the publication “Passeggiata Rapagnanese” by Anselmo Giaffaroni
""... but at midday nobody could resist any longer: that intense aroma of sauces penetrated powerfully into the nose, the stomach and into everybody's brain and deranged the moods and the feelings “What is Esterina preparing today?” could be heard being shouted from the cloth stall to the shoe stall..." About the Esterina Giammaria Restaurant at Rapagnano"
In merito al Ristorante di Esterina Giammaria a Rapagnano

Guest book & Testimonials

Scitta da Lino Davarda da Campitello di Fassa
The memories, which I prefer are those that every man has in his heart before they are in the mind. I can describe to you, if you have the time and if its tale will not put you in a bad mood, an image that I have of the Marche. Travelling through this small patchwork of land, which in a slight degrading of colours, goes from mountains to sea, passing through laborious and silent 'borghi', amidst green and sunny glimpses, one morning I rediscovered, as if by magic, the pleasure of talking with people. Playing with the eyes of a child with my enthusiastic and jubilant senses, which chase after each other, I no longer perceive the passing of my thoughts. Through history, perfumes and tastes my intimate moments within these places flow by peacefully. So, with a light pace, during any old day of mid Spring, I find myself discovering once more such a precious, true and lovable land. Written by Lino Davarda from Campitello di Fassa

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